• Use "Archfiend's Oath" with "Convulsion of Nature". Your Deck will be upside down, which means that you will know the name of the top card.
  • Among the above cards, two can be used well together in a deck; "Shutendoji" can use its second effect to return "Plaguespreader Zombie" after it uses its effect to revive itself. This card can decrease the loss of hand advantage for either of these cards, though only once per turn.
  • Keep in mind that the card added with "Archfiend's Oath" is not considered to be drawn. Thus, you do not gain Life Points with "Solemn Wishes".
  • Two "Archfiend" Cards that can actually combo with this are:
    • "Archfiend of Gilfer": If you didn't declare "Archfiend of Gilfer" to be the revealed card, then it will be sent from the top of the deck to the graveyard, and then equip to a monster on the field if you like.
    • "Axe of Despair": When this card is sent from the field to the graveyard, you have the choice of sacrificing a monster to return it to the top of the deck. If you do, then you can use this card to add it to you hand.
  • This card is can be splashed into almost any deck that can benefit from having more cards in your graveyard.
    • To force a card from the top of your deck into the graveyard, declare the name of a card that is not in your deck.

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