• You can use "Magical Exemplar" to Summon "Apprentice Magician" (who will give this card a Spell Counter), and then send "Apprentice Magician" to the Graveyard to draw cards.
  • If you use a playset of this card in a Spellcaster Deck try "DNA Surgery" to turn all of your opponent's monsters into Spellcasters.
    • If you control this card with at least one Spell Counter on it, and "Arcanite Magician", you can use "DNA Surgery" to make all your opponent's monsters Spellcaster Type. Then, you can remove one Spell Counter from this card to destroy one of your opponent's monsters with the effect of "Arcanite Magician". Since the monster you destroyed was treated as Spellcaster Type, this card will gain another Spell Counter. You can repeat this to destroy all of your opponent's monsters, and if you control another "Arcane Barrier" when you do this, you'll gain extra Spell Counters to destroy your opponent's Spells and Traps with.
  • You can suicide multiple copies of "Apprentice Magician" into your opponent's stronger monsters in order to generate counters for "Arcane Barrier". You only need to suicide two "Apprentice Magician", and then you can Tribute the third for the drawing effect of "Arcane Barrier". If you use the Spell Counter of the newly summoned "Apprentice Magician" on "Arcane Barrier", you'll generate 2 Spell Counters from each cycle of an "Apprentice Magician" being destroyed to summon another (which will put its Spell Counter on "Arcane Barrier").
    • This card will still gain counters when face-down defense-position Spellcasters are attacked. Defend with "Apprentice Magician" if you're low on Life Points.

Traditional Format

  • When you've generated four Spell Counters, tribute "Witch of the Black Forest" with this card. Not only will you gain four card via drawing, but you can search out one monster with 1500 or less DEF from your deck, giving you a massive hand advantage. You will have gained a maximum of five cards in your hand in exchange for just two on the field.

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