• Note that this card requires the monsters to be sent to the Graveyard rather than Tributed, which means you can't use Tokens to fufill "Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler's" Summon.
  • You can use this card in a Duston Deck in lieu of "Star Duston" since they have similar summoning conditions. Although "Star Duston" has more versatility with its additional benefits and the fact it can be easier summoned, this card is capable of an OTK after "House Duston's" effect is activated. When "House Duston" is destroyed, special summon 3 Dustons to each side of the field. Send them to the Graveyard for this card's summon. If you flip heads for this card, you use the two attacks this card has to attack two attack-position Dustons you summoned last turn for 8000 exactly. You can also summon "Dark Necrofear" using the 3 Dustons you sent for the summon of this card. If Heads, you can summon "Necrofear" immediately to further the damage. If Tails, wait until this card is destroyed and the field is wiped so you have a backup.
  • When switched to defense position, you can use "Raregold Armor" to stop your opponent from wanting to attack.
  • If your opponent is about to destroy this card, use "Reversal of Fate" to get the tails effect and destroy all cards on the field.
  • Another optional method to Special Summon this easily is to have "The Agent of Creation - Venus" on the field and use her effect three times to summon "Mystical Shine Ball" by paying 500 LPs for each monster. You can use its effect multiple times because it does not state that it has to be used once per turn.
  • If you get the heads effect, you can use "Labyrinth of Nightmare" to have this card return to attack position at the end phase of the turn and that way you can attack twice next turn again.
  • Set "Light Barrier" as the field spell, then tribute "Arcana Force I-The Magician" to summon this monster, then use "Arcana Call" to Double its Attack points every time a spell card is activated.

Traditional Format

  • This card can be used for a potential OTK first assuming you go second or a later turn that you can attack use "Heavy Storm" destroying all spell or trap cards on the field, then use "Double Summon" then "Mind Control" to gain control of their monster and send the three monsters to the grave to summon "Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler" using "Light Barrier" to get The Dark Ruler's heads effect then attack your opponent directly twice.

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