• This card works well with "Advance Zone", since this card's Summoning requirements will trigger all of its effects.
  • Use "Laser Qlip" to prevent your opponent from negating this card's Normal Summon.
  • If your opponent has a monster with higher ATK, you can use "Threatening Roar" to prevent it from attacking and, during your turn, force your opponent to send that monster to the Graveyard.
    • You can combine this with "Kaiser Colosseum" to make your opponent control only 1 monster, making them probably lose their best monster (unless they send a monster from their hand).


  • Prevent this card from being Tribute Summoned at all, by using "Mask of Restrict" or "Zombie World".
  • Something important to realize is that since Link Monsters don't have Ranks or Levels, this card is not immune to their effects. A particularly good Link Monster is "Borreload Dragon", on account of its monster-stealing effect.
  • Activate "Skill Drain" before this card is Summoned, in order to negate its effects. However, if you activate "Skill Drain" after this card is Summoned, this card will be unaffected by it.
    • Be aware that having "Skill Drain" active allows your opponent to Normal Summon their other "Qli" monsters (without Tributing) and have them retain their original (printed) ATK.
  • "Share the Pain" is 1 of the simplest way to eliminate this card, although your opponent should control no other monsters to force them to Tribute this card.
  • "Shooting Quasar Dragon" not only beats this card with its 4000 ATK, but should your opponent use this card's effect to make you send a monster to the Graveyard, "Quasar Dragon" can negate the activation and destroy it at no cost.
    • If you use a Deck that revolves around "Shooting Quasar Dragon", you can also use "T.G. Halberd Cannon" since it has the exact same summoning requirements. "Halberd Cannon" can be used to negate the Normal Summon of this card and destroy it.
  • "Number 86: Heroic Champion - Rhongomyniad" with 3 or more Xyz Materials can defeat this card, since it won't be destroyed by battle, gains 1500 ATK and DEF (which will match the ATK of this card), and becomes unaffected by other card effects, including this card's effect that would reduce its ATK. Simply attack this card to destroy it while keeping "Rhongomyniad" on the field.
  • "Destiny HERO - Plasma" can single-handedly take on this monster, since its Continuous effect negates the effects of this card. "Plasma" can then equip this card to itself.
  • With a hand size of 6 or more cards, "Tragoedia" will be able to destroy this card by battle. Alternatively, you can discard a Level 10 monster to take control of this card.
  • "Infernoid Onuncu" is capable of countering this card when summoned.
  • Using the effect of "Domain of the True Monarchs", you can use any "Monarch" monsters to attack it and gain 800 ATK, which is enough to destroy this card (That is assuming the card is actually tribute summoned).