• This Card works well against decks that run "Pot of Desires" for draw power, with the requirement of banishing ten cards from the top deck granting this card 1000 Attack for a plus one card advantage.
  • This card can be used very effectively against "ABC Dragon Buster", as your opponent will always have at least three banished monsters when playing it, giving this card enough attack to get over it.
    • The effect to banish a monster by discarding from "ABC Dragon Buster" is not an effective way to deal with this card, as it just summons it's self back to the field during your standby phase
  • This card works well in "D.D." Decks or other Decks that banishes cards, to both increase this card's ATK and to keep it on the field.
  • Combo with "The Fountain in the Sky" to gain massive amount of Life Points and bring this card back whenever it gets destroyed by battle. That Spell Card will also discourage your opponent from trying to use effects like those of "Starliege Paladynamo" to take your "Angel" out by battle.
  • Synchro Summon this card using "Eccentric Boy". Whenever it would leave the field then, it will be banished instead.
  • Equip this card with "Big Bang Shot", since if the Equip Card leaves the field before this card does, this card will be revived.
  • This card works well with "Chaos" Decks.
  • Revive this card with "Blackwing - Calima the Haze", since it will banish itself at the end of your opponent's Battle Phase unless your opponent finds a way to deal with it.
  • Banish this card in your Graveyard with the effect of "Master Hyperion" to destroy a card your opponent controls and to return this card onto the field.
  • If you use an "Archlord Kristya" Deck with a lot of Light Fairy-Types and Tuners, "Freed the Brave Wanderer" can work very well with this card, by banishing it from the Graveyard to destroy a powerful monster, and Summoning it later on, as well as keeping a certain number of Fairy-Types in your Graveyard.

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