• This card has an additional use besides the extra ATK and effect damage it provides: It counts as a face-up "Ancient Gear" card, so it can be sent to the Graveyard for the effect of "Spell Gear". It is also vital to the success of low-ATK Ancient Gears such as "Ancient Gear Engineer" and the monster on the picture, "Ancient Gear Soldier".
  • This card is a better "Black Pendant" especially for ancient gears. It works well with "Limiter Removal":
    • the ATK-boost of this card is doubled
    • in the end phase the equiped monster is destroyed and this card inflicts another 600 effect damage.
  • Since this card does not have to be faceup when it gets destroyed for its effect to activate you can set it on the field to ...
    • ... lure an opponents spell/trap destroyer.
    • ... destroy it with a "Heavy Storm" in addition to destroying your opponents spells/traps.

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