• Once a higher-Level "Ancient Gear" monsters is Summoned, your opponent will most likely start placing monsters in face-down Defense Position. Use this card to destroy those cards, rather than "Ancient Gear Golem", if one of the face-down monsters may have an effect that can put yourself at a disadvantage, such as "Newdoria", is suspected.
    • "Gravity Blaster" can also be useful, as it can raise this monster's ATK and negate effects that occur on the field, leaving your opponent's counter-moves more limited.
  • This card also prevents effects that are always active in the Graveyard, like "Helpoemer", or effects that activate later in the Graveyard, like "Destiny HERO - Dasher". It is a good way to put your opponent at a disadvantage if they depend on Graveyard-based effects.

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