• "Magnet Circle LV2" works great with this card, because if you have more "Ancient Gear"s in your hand, you can Special Summon them as well.
    • The trick is to activate "Magnet Circle LV2" first before Normal Summoning any monster, to Special Summon one of two "Ancient Gears" in your hand, then due to "Ancient Gear's" effect, another one can be Special Summoned. Now, since you haven't done any Normal Summoning, you can Tribute two "Ancient Gear" on your side of the field to call "Ancient Gear Golem".
  • This card can be used with "Machine Duplication" to get them out to your side of the field quickly. This combo also works well with "Spell Gear", which would allow you to summon two Ancient Gear Golems".
  • Due to it's low ATK, this card is best Tributed or used as Fusion/Synchro/Xyz Materials right after Special Summoning it with it's effect.
  • This card is ideal when in the Graveyard when "Junk Synchron" is on the field, since Junk Synchron's effect allows you to Special Summon any Level 2 or below Monster.

Traditional Format

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