• Use any Summoning Tree such as: "UFO Turtle" -> "UFO Turtle" -> "UFO Turtle" -> "Masked Dragon" -> "Masked Dragon" -> "Masked Dragon" -> "Troop Dragon" -> "Troop Dragon" -> "Troop Dragon", causes 9000 LPs gain.
  • If you have this face-up card along with "King Tiger Wanghu" during your Standby Phase, Special Summon a "Treeborn Frog" in your Graveyard to increase your LP by 1000 each activation. Please note that some opponents (and some judges) will claim that you are stalling. In order to use this combo many times, make sure that you have a reason for performing the action, such as if you are using cards with LP costs.
  • This monster's effect is ideal to overlap with the Colossal Loop.
  • Use this card with "Playful Possum" and "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" for strong monsters for no cost.
  • If you have Spirit Barrier on the field, you can ensure you get the most life points out of this monster's effect.

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