• The ideal cards to equip with this card are "Atlantean Pikeman", "Clown Zombie" and "Digitron". These cards would gain ideally the most ATK since their Levels are low (they have about 700 ATK per Level, while the strongest monsters of the other Levels would have a lower ratio). With "A Legendary Ocean" on the field, the Level of "Pikeman" becomes 1, and can raise its ATK even higher.
  • Combo with "Demotion" for higher ATK when battling.
  • Combo with "Noisy Gnat" to increase the Level of an opponent's monster, or with "Silent Strider" to decrease the Level of your monster.
  • This card is good in decks built around Gemini monsters which tend to be around Level 4. It can help keep them around until you activate their effects, and when you do, you can also recycle this card.
    • This card is helpful with the effects of "Phoenix Gearfried" and "Evocator Chevalier" as it can be used to activate their effects and it recycles itself, letting you keep using their effects, providing you have a Normal Monster to equip it to.
  • Use this card's effect to avoid Decking out.
    • Additionally, this works well with Lightsworn as if this card is on top, you'll only lose the top card of your Deck and send this card for the mill.
  • Combo with "Messenger of Peace" to protect the equipped monster. Also, if the equipped monster has low enough ATK, it can selectively attack and destroy your opponent's monsters since the ATK boost doesn't apply until damage calculation.