• You can do a nice combo by combining the effects of "Ambulanceroid" and "Rescueroid". After a "Vehicroid" monster has been destroyed, like "UFOroid", you can use the effect of "Rescueroid" to send it back to your hand, and then use the effect of "Ambulanceroid" to Summon it back. It may also be done with multiple "Rescueroid" and "Ambulanceroid". This combo becomes even better if you combine it with "Cyber Summon Blaster".
  • You can use "Monster Reincarnation" to discard a "Vehicroid" from your hand and then add it back, using "Ambulanceroid" to Special Summon it. You can summon "Expressroid" and then use it to summon 2 "Vehicroids" from your Graveyard giving you 3 new monsters, or you can Summon "Rescueroid" or "Armoroid" without tributes.
  • While there are 2 roids in your Graveyard, you can Summon "Expressroid" while "Ambulanceroid" is on the field to revive 2 "roids". Then, you can overlay those roids into "Gear Gigant X", detach a roid to return it to your hand, which will Special summon it again. You can then get another "Gear Gigant X".

Traditional Format

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