• Combined with "Amazoness Queen", this card can protect your Amazoness Monsters from virtually anything other than Spell and Traps that target or do not destroy.
  • Combine with "Amazoness Sage", so that way, your opponent cannot destroy your "Amazoness Sage" during Damage Step and you will also destroy your opponent's Spell or Trap cards.
  • Use this card with "Amazoness Spellcaster" while you control at least one other Amazoness. Once you successfully do so, Tribute this card to use its effect, so that the other Amazoness can safely defeat the target Monster.
  • If your opponent has Catastor on the field and you are having trouble getting around it, this card is a great way to run over him. Either summon Scouts and tribute, or, if you have "Amazoness Village" on the field, you can ram one of your monsters into Catastor to activate "Amazoness Village's" effect and summon this card to use its effect.

Traditional Format

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