• You can use this card's last effect to Special Summon "Amazoness Queen", protecting all "Amazoness" monsters you control from being destroyed by battle. This also works for protecting this card from being destroyed when attacking a stronger monster due to its low ATK.
  • Search "Amazoness Call" when this monster is summoned and you can search any "Amazoness" card; including another copy of this monster.
  • Try to summon this monster whenever possible to constantly search your resources. "Amazoness Willpower" and "Amazoness Onslaught" are great cards to keep bringing this card back to the field and keep the pressure on. Keep an "Amazoness Baby Tiger" in the graveyard to net further advantage.
  • Send "Amazoness Baby Tiger" to the graveyard for this card's last effect then summon it in response to the summon, allowing the effect to be performed at no cost.
  • If your opponent has strong monsters on board you can search "Amazoness Fighting Spirit" or "Amazoness Spellcaster".
  • "Missus Radiant" can help with this card's abysmal ATK value, especially if facing a WIND based deck.
  • "Black Garden" combined with "Amazoness Call"'s second effect can allow you to summon indefinitely if you summon Princess first. With enough Amazoness in the deck or an ATK boost, you can OTK your opponent.