• This card can be searched by "Dark Sage", "Ancient Gear Drill", "Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch", "Left Arm Offering", "Spell Calling", "Quick Booster", "Mecha Phantom Beast Jaculuslan", and "Amazoness Princess".
  • If your opponent activates a card such as "Droll and Lock Bird" you can chain this card to it's activation to allow you to search as normal.
  • Unless you have already activated a copy you should always search this card with "Amazoness Princess" since you can then search any "Amazoness" card, not just spell/traps and allows additional deck thinning and GY setup.
  • You can easily get past the once per turn restriction by setting an additional copy in your hand then activating it during your opponents turn.
  • This card's ability to send monstes to the GY is mostly useless when compared to simply adding to the hand. However if you have no "Amazoness" monsters in the graveyard, chain this before "Amazoness Onslaught" is destroyed to quickly summon a monster.
  • Although "Amazoness Baby Tiger" can also be used in the hand, it will activate as soon as a monster is summoned if in the graveyard. This can be useful when summoning "Amazoness Princess" as you can choose to resolve tiger last, preventing your opponent from responding to Princess.
  • Use this card's second effect to let "Amazoness Princess" attack and bring out multiple monsters per turn, assuming you have cards to send to the graveyard. Bring out "Amazoness Queen"and you can even attack any higher ATK monsters without losing a monster, albeit at likely significant LP loss.