• Although this card offers the choice of more targets, you should consider using "Dark Eruption" instead of this card if you want to avoid taking damage to your Life Points. Most of the better targets for this card have 1500 ATK or less anyway, and using it on one of the cards which cannot be used with Dark Eruption would result in the loss of a large amount of LP.
  • Also remember that this card cannot target any of the four blackwing monsters that have 0 ATK.
  • You can use this card to abuse "Kalut" or "Gale" easily. Add them back to your hand and you can overwhelm your opponent by Synchro Summoning with "Gale" or destroy their monster by discarding "Kalut".
  • When using this card on a monster with high ATK, chain "Barrel Behind the Door", and your opponent will take damage instead. However, because you didn't take damage, you will not be able to add the targetted card to your hand.

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