• If this card is destroyed while being negated by "Jinzo", then you won't lose Life Points. The effect is applied on the field, so "The End of Anubis" won't do anything.
  • Use this card with "Imperial Custom" to be sure that it will not be destroyed.
  • Use this card with "The Winged Dragon of Ra" to either strengthen him by 3000 more ATK, let him use his destruction effect, or just protect your 100 LP.
    • Use one of the above strategies to also either give yourself another 3000 or prevent your life points from hitting zero.
  • This card can help fulfill the condition for "Ancient Leaf".
  • Use "Damage Mage" to get back the Life Points lost by this card.
  • Use "Rainbow Life" before your opponent destroys "Aegis of Gaia" to recover 3000 more Life Points instead.

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