• While you have 3 copies of "7" face-up on your field as well as a "Fire Princess" and "Solemn Wishes", you can send all three to the Graveyard to draw 3 cards, gain 2600 Life Points in total and inflict 2000 Damage in total to your opponent with the effect of "Fire Princess" activating 4 times.
  • Select two "7"s for "Magical Hats", thus gaining 1400 Life Points as well as getting 2 extra defense cards for a turn.
  • This card is a 1 For 1 Card, as you need three of this card to draw three cards. This and the fact that you will probably need a lot of time to get all your copies of "7" on the field, makes this card only useful for its life point gain effect, as this card is too slow to be a Deck Thinner, and you will pass a lot of turns with this card occupying you Spell & Trap Card Zone. Still, a 2100 LP recovery compensates this, and this card can be easier to use in a deck with a good Draw Engine.

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