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OCG Rulings

  • If "Worm Linx" is flipped by "Ceasefire", then its Flip Effect does not activate, so cannot activate its effect of drawing a card during the End Phase.[2]
  • During the End Phase, the card-drawing effect of "Worm Linx" is treated as a Flip Effect. If "Worm Linx" if flipped by battle and then "Royal Command" is activated during Main Phase 2, then the effect of "Worm Linx" is negated during the End Phase.[2]
  • When "Worm Linx" is flipped, its effect activates and starts a chain. After this effect resolves, during the End Phase, its effect starts an additional chain.[3]
  • The effect activates every turn during each player's End Phase.[3][4]


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