TCG Rulings

  • This effect does not apply when a Trap is returned to its original position by "Malfunction". [1]
  • You place 1 Worm Counter even when a card is Set on both sides of the field by "The Shallow Grave". [1]

OCG Rulings

  • There's no limit in the number of Worm Counters that can be placed on "Worm Illidan".[2]
  • When a monster or Spell/Trap Card is Set, or a monster is changed to face-down Defense Position by the effect of "Book of Moon", 1 Worm Counter is placed on this card.[2]
  • The "You can remove 2 Worm Counters from this card to destroy 1 card your opponent controls." effect is an Ignition Effect. (It targets 1 card your opponent controls. Removing 2 Worm Counters is a cost to activated this effect.)[2]


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