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OCG Rulings


  1. Konami OCG FAQ: Trap Card > Void Trap Hole
  2. Konami OCG FAQ: If the opponent Special Summons Summons a Normal Monster with 2000 or more ATK or a monster without an effect with 2000 or more ATK like "Gem-Knight Pearl", can you activate "Void Trap Hole"? Also, if a monster without an effect that activates upon its successful Special Summon like "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" is Summoned, can "Void Trap Hole" be activated?
  3. Konami OCG FAQ: If "Kaiser Glider" is Special Summoned and is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by the effect of "Void Trap Hole", is the effect of "Kaiser Glider" that returns a monster to the owner's hand when it is destroyed negated?
  4. Konami OCG FAQ: If multiple monsters with more than 2000 ATK are Special Summoned simultaneously by the effect of "Return from the Different Dimension", can "Void Trap Hole" be activated? Also, if it can be activated, which of the monsters has its effects negated and is destroyed?
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