OCG Rulings

  • Even if you cannot Special Summon during the End Phase—for example, if the effect of "Vanity's Fiend" is active, or if you activated "Scapegoat" during this turn—then the effect of "Transforming Sphere" still activates during the End Phase, but the equipped monster cannot be Special Summoned and remains equipped.[2]
  • Even if an effect like "Book of Moon" is Chained to the effect of "Transforming Sphere", so that when resolving the effect of Transforming Sphere that equips an opponent's monster to it the targeted monster is now in face-down Defense Position, it will be equipped face-down to "Transforming Sphere". In this case, "Transforming Sphere" does not gain any ATK. It should be noted that the effect that Special Summons the equipped monster in face-up Defense Position during the End Phase is applied normally, and the monster that is equipped face-down will be Special Summoned in face-up Defense Position.[3]


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