TCG Rulings

  • You can activate this effect even if "Tanngnjostr" is added to your hand during the Damage Step, as long as it’s in your hand before your monster is sent to the Graveyard. [1]
  • If you have multiple copies of "Tanngnjostr" in your hand, you can only Special Summon one of them when your monster is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard. [1]
  • You can Chain the effect to Special Summon this card to the effect of cards like "Giant Rat". [1]
  • The effect to Special Summon 1 “Nordic Beast” monster from your Deck can be activated during either player’s turn, including during the Damage Step. [1]
  • It can be activated when "Tanngnjostr" is changed from face-down Defense Position to face-up Attack Position. [1]
  • It can be activated when changed to Attack Position due to a manual position change or a position change by card effect. [1]


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