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  1. Konami OCG FAQ: If you only have "Elemental HERO Escuridao" in your Extra Deck and the opponent controls "Evilswarm Ophion", can you activate "Super Polymerization" using the opponent's "Evilswarm Ophion" to Special Summon the level 8 "Elemental HERO Escuridao"? Also, when you control "Petit Dragon" and the opponent controls "Firegrass", "Evilswarm Ophion" and 3 Dragon-Type monsters, if you activate "Super Polymerization", can you only Fusion Summon "Darkfire Dragon" using "Petit Dragon" and "Firegrass" as Fusion Materials? Or can you use the 5 Dragon-Type monsters including "Evilswarm Ophion" to Fusion Summon "Five-Headed Dragon"?
  2. Konami OCG FAQ: Regarding "Super Polymerization" prevention of effects being activated in response to its activation, can "Torrential Tribute" or "Bottomless Trap Hole" be activated when the Fusion Monster is Special Summoned by the effect of "Super Polymerization"?
  3. Konami OCG FAQ: At the time of the resolution of the effect of "Super Polymerization" that Special Summons a monster, can "Solemn Judgment" or "Solemn Warning" be activated?
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