The following apply to any card that gains a Spell Counter(s) when a Spell Card is activated. This includes, but is not limited to, "Blast Magician", "Dark Red Enchanter", "Legendary Flame Lord", "Magical Marionette", "Mythical Beast Cerberus", "Royal Magical Library", "Skilled Dark Magician", "Skilled White Magician", and "Tower of Babel".

OCG Rulings

Previously Official Rulings

  • When "Skill Drain" is active, and you or your opponent activates a Spell Card, do not place Spell Counters on this monster. Any Spell Counters that are on this monster are removed when "Skill Drain" is activated.[18][19]

Mentions in Other Rulings


  1. In this Ruling the "[This card]" refers to ""Mythical Beast Cerberus"" or ""Royal Magical Library"".
  2. In this Ruling the "[This card]" refers to ""Legendary Flame Lord"", ""Magical Marionette"", ""Skilled Dark Magician"", or ""Skilled White Magician"".


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