TCG Rulings

  • This effect starts a Chain. It targets the 1 opponent's monster that has declared an attack. If you do not destroy the monster with this effect, you do not inflict damage to your opponent.[1]
  • Destroying the monster and inflicting damage are considered to happen at the same time.[1]
  • If the attacking monster's ATK is higher than your "Earthbound Immortal" monster's ATK when this effect resolves, the monster is not destroyed.[1]
  • The effect activates automatically the first time an opponent's monster with less ATK than your "Earthbound Immortal" monster attacks.[1]

Mentions in Other Rulings

OCG Rulings

  • If you control a face-up "Roar of the Earthbound", the effect is always activated when an opponent's monster declares an attack. However, if the attacking monster has more ATK than your "Earthbound Immortal" monsters, the effect is not activated.[2]
  • Destroying the targeted monster and inflicting damage are considered to happen simultaneously.[2]


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