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Previously Official Rulings

  • You cannot activate "Fairy's Hand Mirror" to make your opponent chose a different monster when they activate "Premature Burial".
  • If you activate this card and your opponent chains "Imperial Order" the effect of "Premature Burial" is negated and the Special Summon never occurs, but you still pay 800 Life Points. If "Imperial Order" is activated after "Premature Burial" is already on the field, the equipped monster is NOT destroyed and "Premature Burial" remains on the field meaninglessly. If "Premature Burial" is then destroyed while "Imperial Order" is still active, the monster remains on the field, but if the monster is destroyed, "Premature Burial" is also destroyed, since it is still equipped to that monster.
  • If the equipped monster is flipped face-down "Premature Burial" is destroyed but the monster is not destroyed.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Big Bang Shot: If you Special Summon a monster with "Premature Burial", and equip it with "Big Bang Shot", and "Heavy Storm" is activated, the effects of "Premature Burial" and "Big Bang Shot" form a chain, with the controller of the 2 cards determining the order in which they are placed on the chain, and the order in which they are resolved. If the controller chooses "Big Bang Shot" to be Step 2, then the monster will be removed from play. If the controller chooses "Premature Burial" to be Step 2, then the monster will be destroyed and sent to the Graveyard.
  • Black Horn of Heaven: Like "Horn of Heaven", this card cannot be used against "Premature Burial", etc.
  • Bubble Crash: If "Premature Burial" is equipped to a monster on the field, you can select "Premature Burial" to be sent to the Graveyard and the previously equipped monster will remain on the field, since "Premature Burial" was not destroyed.
  • Collected Power: If a "Premature Burial" already equipped to a monster is moved to a new monster by the effect of "Collected Power", both "Premature Burial" and the original monster it was equipped to are destroyed. If you chain "Collected Power" to "Premature Burial", the monster in the Graveyard that was targeted never leaves the Graveyard and "Premature Burial" is destroyed.
  • Creature Swap: A player may select a monster Special Summoned by..."Premature Burial". If the..."Premature Burial", still on the opponent's side of the field, is destroyed, the monster targeted by those cards is destroyed also.
  • Cyber Phoenix: While you have "Cyber Phoenix" on the field in Attack Position, a Machine-Type monster on your side of the field equipped with "Premature Burial" will not be destroyed if "Premature Burial" is destroyed.
  • Cyber Raider: You cannot equip an inappropriate Equip Spell Card like "Premature Burial" Cyber Raider with his effect.
  • Dark Necrofear: If "Dark Necrofear" is destroyed, you can Special Summon it from your Graveyard with..."Premature Burial", etc. before your End Phase, and its effect will be reset.
  • Deck Devastation Virus: If you activate "Premature Burial" to Special Summon "D.D. Warrior Lady" from your Graveyard during the turns after "Deck Devastation Virus" has resolved, it will not be destroyed.
  • Emergency Provisions: If you control a monster equipped with "Premature Burial" and you send "Premature Burial" to the Graveyard to activate "Emergency Provisions" the equipped monster is not destroyed, because "Premature Burial" was not destroyed.
  • Exchange of the Spirit: If the opponent activates "Premature Burial" can chain "Exchange of the Spirit" (if you meet the requirements) to swap the cards in the Deck and the Graveyard. Since the targeted monster is no longer in their Graveyard, "Premature Burial" would be destroyed...
  • Freed the Matchless General: You can activate "Premature Burial" to Special Summon this card from the Graveyard, and then this card's effect will negate and destroy "Premature Burial". "Freed the Matchless General" will not be destroyed since the effect of "Premature Burial" was negated by his effect.
  • Fushioh Richie: You can use "Premature Burial" Special Summon "Fushioh Richie" from your Graveyard, as long as "Fushioh Richie" was Special Summoned using the proper method ("Great Dezard") previously.
  • Gravekeeper's Chief: If you have "Gravekeeper's Chief" and "Necrovalley" on the field, you can use..."Premature Burial" revive monsters from your Graveyard. Also, if you have "Gravekeeper's Chief" on the field, your opponent can use "Monster Reborn" on monsters in your Graveyard.
  • Guardian Elma: You cannot equip inappropriate Equip Spell Cards like "Premature Burial"..."Guardian Elma" with her effect.
  • Heart of Clear Water: If you Special Summon a monster with "Premature Burial"...and then equip that monster with "Heart of Clear Water", the monster will not be destroyed if "Premature Burial" destroyed.
  • Instant Fusion: Since the Special Summon from "Instant Fusion" is treated as a Fusion Summon, you can use "Premature Burial" etc. on the Fusion Monster if it is destroyed.
  • Last Turn: ...if you selected a monster Special Summoned by "Premature Burial", the selected monster is not destroyed when "Premature Burial" is sent to the Graveyard by "Last Turn".
  • Lord of D.: If you have "Lord of D." on the field, and activate "Premature Burial" to Special Summon a Dragon-Type monster from your Graveyard, that is okay, but if your opponent later destroys "Premature Burial" your Dragon-Type monster is also destroyed because "Premature Burial" is NOT selecting your Dragon-Type as a target.
  • Metalsilver Armor: If you have "Metalsilver Armor" active, your opponent cannot target his/her monsters either (with Equip Spell Cards, etc.), including with "Premature Burial".
  • My Body as a Shield: cannot use "My Body as a Shield" against..."Premature Burial"....
  • Riryoku Field: This card cannot be used against "Monster Reborn" or "Premature Burial" since they do not target a monster on the field.
  • Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys: If "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" is Special Summoned with..."Premature Burial", and that card is destroyed and destroys "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" with its effect, you Special Summon "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" during your next Standby Phase because it was destroyed by a card effect.
  • Spell Canceller: You can Special Summon "Spell Canceller" with "Premature Burial"; the effect of "Premature Burial" is negated by "Spell Canceller" so if "Premature Burial" is destroyed, "Spell Canceller" is not destroyed and remains on the field.
  • Spirit Reaper: If "Spirit Reaper" is Special Summoned with "Premature Burial"..."Spirit Reaper" is destroyed after it is Special Summoned because it is targeted by an effect.
  • The Emperor's Holiday: You can chain "The Emperor's Holiday" to "Premature Burial" and the effect of "Premature Burial" will be negated and the targeted monster will never leave the Graveyard. If "Premature Burial" is already active when you activate "The Emperor's Holiday" the equipped monster is unaffected.
  • The End of Anubis: "The End of Anubis" WILL negate the...activation of..."Premature Burial".
  • The End of Anubis: "The End of Anubis" negates the Special Summon effect of "Premature Burial"...but does not negate the effect that destroys the monster when "Premature Burial" destroyed.
  • Vampire Lord: When you have your "Vampire Lord" in play, Special Summoned by your "Premature Burial"...and your opponent destroys "Premature Burial" or "Call of the Haunted" with "Mystical Space Typhoon", the "Vampire Lord" won't be Special Summoned because it was destroyed by your card effect, not by your opponent's.
  • Vanity's Fiend: Cards like..."Premature Burial" cannot be activated while "Vanity's Fiend" is on the field.
  • Woodland Sprite: You can activate "Premature Burial" to Special Summon "Woodland Sprite" from your Graveyard, and then its effect to send "Premature Burial" to the Graveyard and "Woodland Sprite" will remain on the field. This is because "Premature Burial" was not destroyed.

Judge List Rulings


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