TCG Rulings

Mentions in Other Rulings

OCG Rulings

  • The effect which destroys a monster does not start a chain.[1]

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • When a monster which is unaffected by Spell Cards is Summoned, "Black Garden"'s effect will still activate. It cannot halve the monster's ATK, but a "Rose Token" will still be Special Summoned.[2]

Previously Official Rulings

  • You cannot choose to Summon a monster, Set a monster, or Set or activate a Spell or Trap Card, or card effect, if it would cause an infinite loop.
    If you do this by mistake, just rewind the game to before the Summon/Set/activation occurred.
  • If an infinite loop is caused because of game mechanics and not by a player's voluntary card play, “Pole Position” will be destroyed. When “Pole Position” is destroyed in this way, no monster on the field is destroyed by the effect of "Pole Position".
  • EXAMPLE #5
    I have "Pole Position" and "Opticlops" (1800 ATK) face-up on the field. The opponent has a "Muka Muka" equipped with "Axe of Despair" face-up on the field with no cards in his hand. At the start of the opponent's turn, he draws a card, making "Muka Muka"s ATK 1900. An infinite loop is created by something that could not be avoided, so “Pole Position” is destroyed.


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