OCG Rulings

  • "Owner's Seal" is not an effect that only applies during the turn it was activated. After the effect has been applied, as long as control isn't changed again by activating "Mind Control", etc., the monsters remain under the control of their respective owners.[1]
  • The owner of an "Ojama Token" is the player who activated "Ojama Trio". If you activated "Ojama Trio", when "Owner's Seal" resolves, control of the "Ojama Tokens" returns to you. At this time, if you do not have enough room in your Monster Zones for all the "Ojama Tokens", the extras are destroyed. (Note that the effect of "Ojama Trio" that inflicts damage to the controller of an "Ojama Token" when it is destroyed is still applied normally, and since the destroyed Tokens were not able to return to your control, your opponent is the one who takes the damage.)[2]

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Santa Claws: The player who can draw a card with the effect of "Santa Claws" that activates during the End Phase is the player who activates the effect. Therefore, if a "Santa Claws" Special Summoned by the method described in its text returns to your control by the effect of "Owner's Seal", the player who can activate the effect to draw a card is you. (The opponent cannot draw a card.) In the same way, if "Remove Brainwashing" is activated in a chain to the effect of a "Santa Claws" controlled by the opponent, so that you take control of that "Santa Claws", the opponent is who draws a card. (You cannot draw a card.)[3]
  • Scrap Fist: Even if the opponent activates "Enemy Controller" in a chain to the activation of "Scrap Fist", so that control of the targeted "Junk Warrior" has moved to the opponent by the time the effect would resolve, the effect resolves. (Afterwards, providing control returns to you by an effect like "Owner's Seal" and an attack is performed, each of the "•" effects are applied normally.)[4]

Previously Official Rulings

Mentions in Other Rulings


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