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  • If the targeted monster is a Flip Effect Monster, it is not flipped face-up and its Flip Effect is not activated. Both players must reveal their Decks to each other to verify that all cards of the same name as the Flip Effect Monster are removed from play.
  • The targeted monster, and any cards of the same name if the target was a Flip Effect Monster, are removed from play and never go to the Graveyard, so the effects of cards like "Sangan" will not activate.
  • Cards of the same name in your hand or on the field are NOT removed from play.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Big Shield Gardna: A face-down "Big Shield Gardna" can only negate a Spell Card that targets 1 face-down monster, so it...could negate "Nobleman of Crossout"...
  • D.D. Scout Plane: ...if "D.D. Scout Plane" was face-down on the field, and was removed by "Nobleman of Crossout", it is placed face-up while out of play and its effect does activate.
  • Dramatic Rescue: You cannot activate "Dramatic Rescue" when your face-down Amazoness is targeted (with "Nobleman of Crossout", etc.).
  • Imperial Iron Wall: Cards like... "Nobleman of Crossout" cannot be activated while "Imperial Iron Wall" is active... If you activate "Nobleman of Crossout" and "Imperial Iron Wall" is chained, the face-down monster is destroyed and is sent to the Graveyard instead of being removed from play, but the effect that removes Flip Effect monsters in the Deck from play is not applied.
  • My Body as a Shield: "My Body as a Shield" will negate cards such as..."Nobleman of Crossout"...


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