TCG Rulings

  • The effect to halve a monster’s ATK targets that monster.[1]
  • If you control the target of Granel’s effect when it resolves, the monster’s ATK is not halved. If you take control of the target after its ATK is halved, it remains halved until the End Phase.[1]
  • After Granel’s effect is no longer applied, the ATK returns to the original ATK of the monster.[1]
  • If a monster’s ATK is being modified by Field/Equip/Continuous Spells and is halved by Granel, it will become half of its current value. When Granel’s effect ends, it will return to the full value including all modifications from Field/Equip/Continuous Spells.[1]
  • If Skill Drain is activated after Granel’s effect resolves, the monster’s ATK that was halved will remain halved until the End Phase.[1]

OCG Rulings


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