TCG Rulings

Mention in other Rulings

  • Pestilence: If Megamorph and Pestilence are equipped to the same monster, the one that was equipped most recently will be applied. If that card is later removed from the field, the first Equip Spell’s effect will be applied.

OCG Rulings

Previously Official Rulings

  • "Megamorph" changes the original ATK of the monster it is equipped to. It calculates a new current ATK by half or doubling the equipped monster’s original ATK.
  • Having multiple "Megamorphs" equipped to a monster is the same as having one.
  • "Megamorph" is always recalculating with every change in Life Points. For example, your "Jirai Gumo" is equipped with "Megamorph" and you have 8000 Life Points compared to your 7000. You declare an attack with "Jirai Gumo" and lose the coin toss, losing 4000 Life Points. Now "Jirai Gumo"’s ATK is doubled before Damage Calculation.
  • When Life Points are equal the equipped monster’s ATK is unchanged.
  • You may equip "Megamorph" to your opponent’s monster, but ‘your Life Points’ refers to the controller of "Megamorph". So if you have more Life Points than your opponent, your opponent’s monster equipped with "Megamorph" has its ATK halved.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Black Garden: If a monster has its ATK halved by "Black Garden", and afterwards it is equipped with "Megamorph", its ATK will be equal to double its original ATK. If "Megamorph" is later negated or removed from the field, the monster's ATK will return to half its ATK (the same as it was before “Megamorph” was equipped).
  • Megarock Dragon: The original ATK of "Megarock Dragon" is determined by its effect. This is further doubled/halved by "Megamorph" and other effects that are based off of original ATK. So if you Special Summon "Megarock Dragon" with an original ATK of 2100 points, then equip it with "Megamorph", its ATK will be 4200 or 1050 depending on your Life Points.
  • Sand Moth: After "Sand Moth" is Special Summoned by its own effect, if you equip it with "Megamorph" you will either halve or double its new (2000) original ATK.
  • Shrink: The effect of "Shrink" works like "Megamorph", setting a new current ATK based on original ATK. If the same monster is targeted by both "Shrink" and "Megamorph", only the effect of the card that resolved last will be applied.

Judge List Rulings

  • "Megamorph" doubles/halves the equipped monster's Original ATK. Any other additions/subtractions to the ATK of other Equip Spell Cards are re-applied after you double (or halve) the monster's Original ATK.[7]
  • When an effect modifies, doubles, or halves the original ATK of a monster, you must apply this first. After calculating this value (the monster's new current ATK), any gains or losses (increases or decreases) to the monster's ATK are applied to the calculated value.
    • Example: If a "Cyber Dragon" equipped with "Axe of Despair" is equipped with "Megamorph", it would have its 2100 original ATK doubled to create a new current ATK of 4200. This value is further increased by 1000 due to "Axe of Despair", for a total of 5200.[9]


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