TCG Rulings

  • If your opponent controls the target monster when this card resolves, it still becomes unaffected by other Spells and Traps until the End Phase and will remain on your opponent’s field until the effect that took control of it wears off. [1]
  • If the target “Aesir” monster is flipped face-down by an effect Chained to this card’s activation, the effect will not apply and it won’t be re-applied even if the target is flipped face-up later again in the same turn. [1]
  • You can still use an “Aesir” monster affected by this card to pay the cost of a Spell or Trap Card such as "Nordic Relic Gungnir". [1]
  • If an “Aesir” monster is destroyed by the opponent while it’s being affected by "March Towards Ragnarok", you can still Special Summon it during the End Phase. [1]


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