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OCG Rulings

  • When this effect resolves, this effect is applied to all face-up Machine-Type monsters in your Monster Zone.[1]
  • Applying "During the End Phase of this turn, destroy those monsters." does not start a Chain Link.[1]

Previously Official Rulings

  • The total ATK of the monster is doubled, including any ATK increases/decreases from other effects.
  • If an affected monster is flipped face-down or becomes an Equip Card, it is not destroyed in the End Phase.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Union Monster: If a Union Monster turns into an Equip Spell Card, or reverts back into a monster, effects are reset. ... If I use "Limiter Removal" on a Union Monster, and equip it, it is not destroyed at the end of the turn, and if I turn it back into a monster its ATK is no longer doubled.

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Judge List Rulings


  1. The latest print of "Ring of Destruction" uses Problem-Solving Card Text, which states that the damage dealt is equal to the monster's original ATK. This difference is due to a major change in the functionality of "Ring of Destruction".


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