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  • The damage inflicted by the effect of "Lightning Warrior" is based on the number of cards in your opponent's hand when the effect resolves.[1]
    • Example: Your opponent has two cards in his hand, and your "Lightning Warrior" attacks your opponent's "Sangan". The effect of "Lightning Warrior" activates as Chain Link 1, and the effect of "Sangan" activates as Chain Link 2. Resolving backwards, the effect of "Sangan" adds a card to your opponent's hand, and afterwards the effect of "Lightning Warrior" resolves. At this time, your opponent has three cards in his hand, so your opponent takes 900 damage.[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Konami FAQ: The effect of "Lightning Warrior" inflicts damage to your opponent's Life Points based on your opponent's hand size at what time?

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