OCG Rulings

  • You destroy card(s) and draw card(s) simultaneously. The "drawing" effect does not use another chain link[1].
  • The player who controlled the destroyed card draws a card, not the controller of "Kuraz the Light Monarch". If your opponent controls a card destroyed by the effect, he draws a card.[4]
  • The player who controls the card at the time it is destroyed draws 1 card. So if you target your own monster and your opponent takes control of it with "Enemy Controller", your opponent will draw 1 card.[4]
  • Drawing from this effect is optional, so a player can choose not to draw.[6]
  • If a player has 2 cards destroyed by this effect, they cannot choose to only draw 1 card. The player must choose to either draw 2 or 0 cards.[6]

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