TCG Rulings

  • If more than one monster is removed [sic] by the effect of “Future Visions” they are all returned to the field at the same time.[1]

OCG Rulings

  • When two of your monsters are removed from play by "Future Visions", if you only control one open Monster Card Zone during your next Standby Phase, then you choose one monster and return it to the Field, and the other monster is sent to the Graveyard.[4]
  • When "Future Visions" returns the monster to the field, the monster returns to the field of the player that Normal Summoned it. When your opponent Normal Summons a monster and it is removed from play by "Future Visions", the monster returns to your opponent's field during his next Standby Phase.[5]
  • If "Book of Moon" is Chained to the effect of "Future Visions" so that the monster is no longer face-up when "Future Visions" resolves, then the face-down monster is still removed from play. However, the monster will be removed from play face-up, because the monster removed from play by "Future Visions" is always removed from play face-up.[6]
  • If "Future Visions" removes from play a Normal Summoned monster and afterwards "Future Visions" is removed from the field, then the monster remains removed from play. If a second copy of "Future Visions" is activated before the next Standby Phase, then the second copy of "Future Visions" cannot return to play a monster that was removed from play by the first copy of "Future Visions".[7]


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