TCG Rulings

  • If “Fortune Lady Light” is returned from the field to your hand, you can activate its effect. (If it was face-down you must show it to your opponent.)[1]

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Pestilence: While equipped with Pestilence, the ATK of Fortune Lady Light will be 0 regardless of its Level and any changes to its Level. If Pestilence is no longer equipped, Fortune Lady Light’s ATK and DEF will return to 200 x its Level.[2]

OCG Rulings

  • If "Fortune Lady Light" is face-down on the field and is removed from the field face-down, then its effect does not activate and you cannot Special Summon another "Fortune Lady" monster.[7]
  • For the effect "● You can remove from play this card and 1 face-up monster you control, and draw 2 cards." of "Cyber Valley", you draw the cards after removing from play the monsters; the two do not occur simultaneously. Thus, if "Fortune Lady Light" is removed from play by the effect of "Cyber Valley", then afterwards you draw cards, so you miss the timing and cannot activate the effect of "Fortune Lady Light".[10]

Fortune Lady Monster Rulings

TCG Rulings

  • If this card’s Level is 12, the effect to increase its Level will not activate during the Standby Phase.[1]

OCG Rulings


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