OCG Rulings

  • This card does not target.[1]
  • Shuffling 3 cards into your Deck and adding 2 "D/D" monsters from your Deck to your hand are not considered to happen simultaneously.[1]
  • Shuffling 3 cards into your Deck is mandatory, but adding 2 "D/D" monsters from your Deck to your hand is optional.[1]
  • When this card resolves, if you only have 2 cards that can be shuffled into the Deck, the effect is not applied. (No cards are shuffled into the Deck.)[1]
  • "D/D/D Human Resources" can be activated under the effect of "Transmigration Break". In that case, when "D/D/D Human Resources" resolves, if any "D/D" monsters from the Graveyard are chosen, the effect of "Transmigration Break" banished those monsters instead of return them to the Deck. (For monsters chosen from the field, they are returned to the Deck normally). If not all 3 "D/D" cards are returned to the Deck, the part of the effect of "D/D/D Human Resources" that "add 2 "D/D" monsters from your Deck to your hand" cannot be applied.[4]


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