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  • Queen of Thorns: If you Normal Summon a monster from your hand, or Special Summon a monster with an "inherent" Special Summon effect ("Cyber Dragon", etc.), first you pay 1000 Life Points and then Normal Summon/Special Summon the monster. ....

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  • Megamorph: When an effect modifies, doubles, or halves the original ATK of a monster, you must apply this first. After calculating this value (the monster's new current ATK), any gains or losses (increases or decreases) to the monster's ATK are applied to the calculated value.

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  1. The latest print of "Ring of Destruction" uses Problem-Solving Card Text, which states that the damage dealt is equal to the monster's original ATK. This difference is due to a major change in the functionality of "Ring of Destruction".


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