OCG Rulings

  • Each player chooses their own cards.[1]
  • If this card is activated, the total number of cards in each player's hand/field will become 5. (The player will have 5 cards and the opponent will have 5 cards)[1]
  • If both players have a total of 5 or fewer cards in their hands/fields, this card cannot be activated.[1]
  • If either player has a total of 6 or more cards in their hand/field, this card can be activated.[1]
  • Cards on the field are treated as being "sent" to the Graveyard.[1]

Previously Official Rulings

  • This card can be activated when EITHER player has 6 cards or more combined in hand and on the field.
  • All selected cards on both players' side of the field are sent to their respective Graveyards simultaneously.
  • Monster Tokens count towards these 6 cards, and can be selected by this card's effect (but they will be taken off the field instead of being sent to the Graveyard.
  • Once activated, "Bubble Crash" itself does not count towards the 6 cards.
  • If you send "Call of the Haunted" to the Graveyard, the monster Special Summoned by its effect is destroyed.


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