OCG Rulings

  • Only face-up monsters cannot change their battle positions.[1]
  • You can only activate this card when your opponent controls at least 1 face-up monster during his Standby Phase.[2]
  • Monsters Summoned after "Battle Mania" resolves are unaffected, and do not have to attack.[3]
  • If a monster must attack because of "Battle Mania", you cannot choose to skip your Battle Phase.[4]

Previously Official Rulings

  • You cannot activate this card if your opponent controls no monsters.
  • If your opponent controls a face-up Attack Position monster at the end of their Main Phase 1, they must conduct their Battle Phase during the turn "Battle Mania" is activated.
  • During the Battle Phase of a turn in which "Battle Mania" was activated, if your "Ultimate Tyranno" attacks, but the attack is negated, it must still attack again if there is another monster in play. (It cannot attack the same target twice.)


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