TCG Rulings

  • You must destroy at least 1 monster you control with “Assault Revival” in order to Special Summon an “/Assault Mode” monster, as the effects are linked. You also must destroy all monsters you control, so if 1 of your monsters was not destroyed, you cannot Summon an “/Assault Mode” monster.[1]
  • This card targets the “/Assault Mode” monster in the Graveyard that you wish to Special Summon.[1]

OCG Rulings

  • When resolving the effect of "Assault Revival", if it cannot destroy all monsters on your field, then you do not Special Summon the "Assault Mode" monster.[3]
  • When an "/Assault Mode" monster is Special Summoned by "Assault Revival", if it is flipped face-down by "Book of Moon" etc, then the effect of "Assault Revival" is no longer applied. The monster does not have its effects negated, can be Tributed, and is not removed from play when it leaves the field.[6]


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