OCG Rulings


  1. 1.0 1.1 Konami OCG Card Database: Advanced Heraldry Art
  2. Konami OCG Card Database: When the 2 monsters targeted by the effect of "Advanced Heraldry Art" are Special Summoned, can "Solemn Judgment" be activated to negate that Special Summon? Also, after the 2 targeted monsters are Special Summoned by the effect of "Advanced Heraldry Art", can the Xyz Summon that is performed using only those monsters be negated by "Solemn Judgment" or "Solemn Warning"?
  3. Konami OCG Card Database: If the effect of "Summon Limit" that restricts both players to performing only 2 Summon is applying, and a Normal Summon has already been performed, can "Advanced Heraldry Art" be activated during that turn? Also, if "Advanced Heraldry Art" is activated during a turn in which a Normal Summon has been performed and "Summon Limit" is chained, how does this resolve?
  4. Konami OCG Card Database: As for the effect of "Advanced Heraldry Art" that Special Summons 2 targeted monsters and then performs an Xyz Summon using those 2 Special Summoned monsters, is it considered to perform a total of 2 Special Summons? For example, if during a turn in which you have activated the effect of "Maxx "C"" the opponent activates "Advanced Heraldry Art", Special Summoning 2 monsters and then performing an Xyz Summon, are 2 cards drawn by the effect of "Maxx "C""?

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