• In the Arabic anime dub, this card was given at least 6 names (The largest number of different Arabic names for 1 card to date):
    • عودة المحارب حيًّا = Return of the Warrior Alive (used in the Card Table)
    • تجديد قوّة المحارب = Power Regenration of the Warrior
    • إعادة إحياء المحارب = Revival of the Warrior
    • آلة التجديد = Regeneration Machine (mistranslation)
    • إعادة المحارب = Returning the Warrior
    • تجديد المحارب = Renewal of the Warrior
  • Oddly, in the Arabic anime dub, this card was given a different name almost every time it was used despite being a frequently used card (such as Polymerization and Pot of Greed, which both have had stable names since the beginning of the series, (الانصهار) and (وعاء الطمع) respectively).

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