• This card's Arabic name (السيّاف الحارس العنيد) translates to Stubborn Guard Swordsman.
  • In the Arabic anime dub, specifically in the Virtual World Arc, this card was among a few at that time that were given erroneous names due to overusing transliteration even when inapplicable. This card was called (السيّاف أبنوكشوس) "Obnoxious" the Swordsman.
  • The Greek name given translates to "Wild Celtic Swordsman", a card name offered by the official Greek dub of the anime.
  • This card's Portuguese name has only ever been printed as "Guarda Celta Re-treinado". However, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME: Updated Card Names - Portuguese document specifies that this card was renamed from "Guardião Celta Re-treinado" to "Guarda Celta Re-treinado", despite it never being printed under the former name and having already been printed under the latter name.

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