• During the first arc of the second series anime, it was called "Reborn the Monster".
  • In the Arabic anime dub, this card had 2 names:
    • أمر التجديد = Order of Renewal/Regeneration (Duelist Kingdom)
    • ولاّدة الوحوش = Monster Bearer
  • In the first two seasons of the American Spanish dub of the anime this card is named "Renace el Monstruo" or sometimes "Renace al Monstruo," in contrast to its official Spanish name, "Monstruo Renacido". The names in the anime literally mean "The monster is reborn" and "Rebear the monster" respectively.
  • The Spanish name of this card was "El Renacer del Monstruo" ("The Rebirth of the Monster").
  • In the German dub this card is called "Monster-Reanimation".
  • In the Greek dub of the anime this card has also been mentioned as "Reborn the Monster".

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