• In the Arabic anime, this card was called (مسؤولة الحربة المرعبة) = Responsible of the Dread Spear (feminine).
  • The given approximated Arabic name (الوصيّة دريدسايتث) translates to Guardian "Deathscythe" (feminine).
  • In the German dub of the anime, this card's name was correctly translated as 'Wächterin Sense des Grauens' ('[female] Guardian Scythe of Dread'). However, with the official German TCG card name 'Wächter Brachialsense' ('[male] Guardian Brutescythe', she was instead given the name of her weapon (Brachialsense).
  • The approximate Greek name derives from the official Greek dub of the anime and translates to "Guardian Reaper".