• The unofficial Arabic name given (شرّير الخرافات: آشنڤايل) translates to Fiend of Fables: "Ashenveil".
  • The Japanese name of this card (Demon Roar God Ashenveil) can be translated in Greek as "Δαιμονικός Θεός του Βρυχηθμού Ashenveil".
    • The alternate name of this card (Fiend Roar Deity Ashenveil) can be translated in Greek as "Δαιμονική Θεότητα του Βρυχηθμού Ashenveil".
  • In some videogame Spanish translations, "Fabled" cards have "Fabuloso" in their names, which is the official Spanish word for the "Fabled" archetype. The are also called "Dios Rugido Demoníaco", which is the Spanish translation for the archetype's original name.

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