• In the Arabic anime dub, this card was referred to by 2 names:
    • البطل البارز : القلب الشرس = Eminent Hero : Fierce Heart (GX Season 1)
    • البطل الأوّل : وايلدهارت = First Hero : "Wildheart" (GX Season 2) a transliteration
  • The given approximated Arabic name (البطل البارز : الرجل البرّيّ) translates to Eminent Hero : Wild Man because names like "Wild Heart" do not work as proper names in Arabic.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub this card is known as Héroe Elemental Corazón Salvaje in the first season and Héroe Elemental Corazón Valiente in the second and third season.

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