• In the Arabic anime dub, this card's name was a bit of a mess. It was called (كوالا دس), (كوالا ديس), and (كوالادس), phonetically "Koala Dees", "Koala Dis", and "Kwaladis" respectively. The issues here are the practical inexistance of the "e" sound of "Des" in the Arabic writing system, as well as the obscurity of the meaning of the word "Des" itself (which is used to replace the word "Death" (デス) in the Japanese names of some cards); hence, when reading the Arabic scripts of the show, sound actors couldn't figure out the name and each one of them ended up inventing their own pronunciation.
  • The given approximated Arabic name (كوال الموت) translates to Death Koala, from the Japanese name (デス・コアラ) Death Koala.
  • The Greek name given is based on the OCG name of this card.

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